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Teacher Dashboard


Screenshot of the dashboard
The Fathom school dashboard will be accessible to anyone who has the teacher role associated with their Fathom account. This dashboard will give you info at a glance related to the your classes and students and allow you to manage class related data.

Dashboard Widgets

Each dashboard is split into separate sections called widgets. Widgets contain information such as data graphs, classes, and upcoming assignments.


Screenshot of the class widget
The classes widget provides a list of all classes that are associated with your account. You can add a new class by clicking the "Add Class" button in the top right of the widget. This will provide you with the option to either import a class using an excel document or input the class information manually.

Adding a class

Screenshot of the class import popup
To add a class, click the "Add Class" button located at the top right of the Classes widget. You will be prompted with a pop-up window. The class name and teacher are required to create the class. Optionally, you can also input the grade, subject, and section for the class. Once you are done, click save and you will now see the newly added class listed in the class widget.

*Teachers must be added in the teacher widget before they can be assigned to a class.*


Screenshot of the class widget
The roster widget provides a list of everyone that is associated with your school. You can enroll a new student by clicking the Enroll Students button at the top right of the widget. You can also add a new user by clicking the + Add User button at the top right of the widget.

Adding a User

Screenshot of the add user popup
To add a new user to your school's roster, click the + Add User button in the top right of the Roster widget. This will bring up the add user popup. Fill out all of the required information and click save to add the user to your school roster.

Enrolling a Student

Screenshot of the student enrollment popup
Once a student has been added to your school roster, you can enroll them in a class. Select the Enroll Student button in the top right of the Roster widget. This will bring up the enroll student popup. From here you can select the class that you would like to associate the user with in the top left of the popup. Find the student you would like to enroll in the list and click the enroll button on the left side of the table. The student is now associated with the selected class.

Importing a Student

Fathom Reads supports roster imports from Google Classroom, Clever, Canvas, and ClassLink. You can view tutorials on how to import from each respective service at our rostering & LMS Integrations support page.

If you use a service that we don't currently support, please reach out to us at our support chat to inquire about having support for that service added.


Screenshot of the assignments widget
The assignments section can be accessed from the left navigation bar on your Fathom dashboard. You can assign students to read a book, record videos of themselves reading, or generate custom tasks for them to complete using the assignments system.

Creating an Assignment

To begin, navigate to the assignments section which can be accessed from your left navigation bar. Here you will see a list of assignments that are currently active. You can create a new assignment by clicking the "Add Assignment" button near the top right of the page. You will be prompted with the add assginment popup. Fill in the required information such as assignment title, description, and assignment type. Next you can either associate this assignment with a class or with a specific student or students. Finally, you can choose to assign a due date or not. To finish up, click save and the assignment will be created.
Screenshot of the add assignment popup


Screenshot of the class widget
The quizzes page provides a list of all quizzes that are avaliable to the teachers in your school. You can access the quizzes page by selecting "Quizzes and Questions" from the left navigation bar. You can add a new quizzes by clicking the "Add a quiz" button in the top right of the page.

Adding a quiz

To add a quiz, click the "Add a quiz" button located at the top right of the Quizzes widget. This will direct you to the quiz builder. This page provides you with a list of over 10,000 questions that are associated with the books in our Fathom library. First, select the language that your quiz will support. Then select the book that this quiz will be associated with (or leave this area blank if you do not want this quiz associated with any book) and enter the quiz title. You can use the search bar to find questions relating to a specific book or topic. When you find a question that you would like to add to the quiz, click the check box. Once you have selected all of the questions and are satisfied with your new quiz, click "Submit" near the bottom of the page to complete your quiz!


Screenshot of the data graphs
The statistics section will give you a preview of useful data associated with your school. By default you will see reading time for the school. You can also view other statistics such the number of times a book has been opened, number of quizzes taken, and more by clicking the View All button at the top right of the statistics widget.

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