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Using the Student Dashboard

Dashboard Contents

Sceenshot of the dashboard
The Fathom student dashboard will be accessable to anyone who has the student role associated with their Fathom account. This dashboard will give you info at a glance related to the your classes and assignments.

Dashboard Widgets

Each dashboard is split into separate sections called widgets. Widgets contain information such as data graphs, classes, and upcoming assignments.

Announcements Widget

Sceenshot of the announcement widget
The announcements widget will highlight announcements that have posted by the teachers or staff members of your school.

Classes Widget

Sceenshot of the class module
The classes widget provides a list of all classes that you are a member of. You can You can click on a class to view announcements for that class, upcoming assignments and statistics.


Assignments can either be viewed in the Upcoming Assignments widget from a class page or by navigating to the Assignments page which can be found on the left navigation bar of your dashboard.


Sceenshot of the data graphs
The statistics section will give you a preview of useful data associated with your school. By default you will see reading time for the school. You can also view other statistics such the number of times a book has been opened, number of quizzes taken, and more by clicking the View All button at the top right of the statistics widget.

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