Standards for MD

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Alignment to Standards for MD

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100 Snowflakes: A Winter Counting Book
12 Adventurers with Disabilities
12 Amazing Animal Feats
12 Architects Who Changed the World
12 Artists Who Changed the World
12 Artists with Disabilities
12 Astounding Athletic Feats
12 Athletes Who Changed the World
12 Athletes with Disabilities
12 Business Leaders with Disabilities
12 Chefs Who Changed the World
12 Educators Who Changed the World
12 Entertainers with Disabilities
12 Epic Animal Adventures
12 Epic Archaeological Adventures
12 Epic Climbing Adventures
12 Epic Ocean Adventures
12 Epic Polar Adventures
12 Epic Races
12 Epic Rescues
12 Epic Space Journeys
12 Epic Urban Adventures
12 Extreme Survival Stories
12 Immigrants Who Made American Arts Great
12 Immigrants Who Made American Entertainment Great
12 Immigrants Who Made American Medicine Great
12 Immigrants Who Made American Politics Great
12 Immigrants Who Made American Science Great
12 Immigrants Who Made American Sports Great
12 Immigrants Who Made American Technology Great
12 Immigrants Who Made the American Military Great
12 Impossible Daredevil Stunts
12 Journalists and Media Personalities with Disabilities
12 Military Leaders Who Changed the World
12 Musicians Who Changed the World
12 Poets Who Changed the World
12 Political Leaders with Disabilities
12 Scientists with Disabilities
12 Stories about Helping after a Disaster
12 Stories about Helping Animals
12 Stories about Helping Children
12 Stories about Helping Immigrants and Refugees
12 Stories about Helping in Education
12 Stories about Helping Seniors
12 Stories about Helping the Community
12 Stories about Helping the Planet
12 Suspenseful Mysteries
12 Things to Know about the Bronze Age
12 Things to Know about the Iron Age
12 Things to Know about the Mesolithic Age
12 Things to Know about the Neolithic Age
12 Things to Know about the Paleolithic Age
12 Women in Business
12 Women in Education
12 Women in Entertainment
12 Women in Equality and Social Justice
12 Women in Media
12 Women in Medicine
12 Women in Politics
12 Women in Science and Technology
12 Women in Sports
12 Women in the Arts
12 Women in the Military
12 Women in the Space Industry
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
20th Century: Race to the Moon
21st Century: Mysteries of Deep Space
22nd Century: Future of Space
A Bean and Cheese Taco Birthday
A Butterfly Called Hope
A Case of Sense
A Charmed Life
A Christmas Carol
A Cool Summer Tail
A Day in a Forested Wetland
A Day in the Deep
A Day in the Salt Marsh
A Day on the Mountain
A Day with My Aunts
A Day Without Sugar
A Different Story
A Drink of Pink Ink
A Drip-Drop in a Tea Shop
A Duck in the Muck
A Fairy-Tale Day
A Goat on a Boat
A History of the United States: Modern Times – Late 1800s to the 2000s
A History of the United States: Precolonial to the 1800s
A Home Built for Ghosts
A Knight in a Fight
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
A Road Trip to Yosemite
A Snack for Zack
A Surprise for Teresita
A Tale of Two Cities
A True Princess of Hawai’i
A Warm Winter Tail
A Whale of a Tale
Abby Visits the Big City: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse Remixed
ABC Safari
Achoo! Why Pollen Counts
Across the Country 18, 19, 20: A Transportation Counting Book
Across the Sea
Action! Making Movies
Adelita and the Veggie Cousins
Aesop's Fables
After A While Crocodile: Alexa's Diary
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Representative
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alicia's Fruity Drinks
Alien Graveyard
All About Sharks
All in a Day's Work: Animator
All in a Day's Work: ER Doctor
All in a Day's Work: Police Officer
Alligator or Crocodile? A Compare and Contrast Book
America's First Settlements
American Bison
American Indians in Texas
American Paint Horses
American Quarter Horses
American Saddlebred Horses
Americans Move West
Amphibians and Reptiles: A Compare and Contrast Book
Analyze This
Ancient China
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece and Rome
Ancient India
Ancient Rome
And That's The Tooth
Andrew and the Birthday Surprise: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Remixed
Angel Shark
Animal Adaptations
Animal Architects
Animal Control Officers
Animal Ears
Animal Eyes
Animal Farm
Animal Habitats (MSL)
Animal Helpers: Aquariums
Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers
Animal Helpers: Sanctuaries
Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators
Animal Helpers: Zoos
Animal Homes
Animal Invaders
Animal Investigations
Animal Legs
Animal Mouths
Animal Myths
Animal Noses
Animal Partners
Animal Science
Animal Senses
Animal Skins
Animal Tails
Animal Tracks and Traces
Animalogy: Animal Analogies
Animals Are Sleeping
Anna Goes to Zambia
Anne Frank: A Light in the Dark
Anne of Green Gables
Anybody Home?
Appaloosa Horses
Apple Trees and The Seasons
Arabian Horses
Are You A Bully?
Art and Culture: Abstract Art: Lines, Rays, and Angles
Astro: The Steller Sea Lion
Astronomy: Space Systems
Atlantic Puffin
Atoms and Molecules
Baby Bears Adoption
Baby Dogs
Baby Giraffes
Baby Goats
Baby Horses
Baby Llamas
Baby Owl’s Rescue
Baby Sloths
Back to Front and Upside Down!
Bad Guys and Gals of the Ancient World
Bad Guys and Gals of the High Seas
Bad Guys and Gals of the Wild West
Bald Eagles
Balloon Trees
Banded Sea Krait
Barack Obama: President of the United States
Barnaby Dell
Baseball on Mars
Bat Count: A Citizen Science Story
Bears Make Dens
Beavers Build Lodges
Becoming an Astronaut
Been There, Done That: Reading Animal Signs
Bees Build Beehives
Behind the Scenes Marsai Martin
Benito's Bizchochitos
Benito’s Sopaipillas
Benjamin and the Word
Best Super Bowl Finishes
Best Super Bowl Quarterbacks
Best Super Bowl Records
Between the Wars
Big Cat, Little Kitty
Big Enough
Big Rigs
Biggest Super Bowl Plays
Biggest Super Bowl Upsets
Bighorn Sheep
Bionic Bodies
Birds Build Nests
Birds: A Compare and Contrast Book
Black Bear or Grizzly Bear? A Compare and Contrast Book
Black Mamba
Black Widows
Blackberry Banquet
Blown Away by a Blizzard!
Blue Shark
Blue-Footed Boobies
Boa Constrictor
Book Nook
Boris and Bea
Boris Keeps Fit
Boris the Basset
Bug Builders
Build It Green
Building Houses
Built To Last
Bunny's Magic Day
Burro's Tortillas
Bus Drivers
But I Want It!
Butterflies and Moths
Butterflies on Carmen Street
Camping Out
Can't Rest in Peace
Canterbury Tales
Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant
Carolina’s Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too!
Carousel Colors
Cash Kat
Cat to Bat
Causes of the Revolution
Cecilia and Miguel Are Best Friends
Celebrating All Abilities
Celebrating All Appearances
Celebrating All Cultures
Celebrating All Families
Celebrating All Personalities
Celebrating All Religions
César Chávez: The Struggle for Justice
Champ's Story: Dogs Get Cancer Too!
Changing Environments
Changing Matter
Chave’s Memories
Cheetah Dreams
Chemical Reactions
Chicks 2, 4, 6: A Baby Animals Counting by Twos Book
Child Care Providers
Chimp Paints
Chinese New Year
Christmas Eve Blizzard
Chuck's Diner
Cinderella Zelda
Civil Rights Leaders
Civil War Is Coming
Clara and the Curandera
Cleaning Up The Earth
Clever Creatures
Climate and Weather
Clock to Sock
Cloning Humans
Clouds: A Compare and Contrast Book
Clydesdale Horses
Coaster of Death
Composition of Matter
Concrete Mixers
Conservation of Energy
Conservation of Mass
Construction Workers
Consumers and Producers
Continents, Countries, and Maps
Count Down to Fall
Creek Critters
Creepy & Crawly
Crossing Guards
Cuckoo, Cuckoo: A Folktale from Mexico
Czars and Shoguns: Early Russia and Feudal Japan
Dalia's Wondrous Hair
Dancing Miranda
Danger in the Desert
Dangerous Catch! Deep Sea Fishers
Dangerous Teeth! Moray Eel Attack
Day and Night
Dealing With Bullies
Dealing With Defeat
Dear Komodo Dragon
Declaration of Independence
Deep in the Desert
Defying Gravity! Rock Climbing
Delicious Hullabaloo
Demons of the Deep
Desert Baths
Destroyed by a Hurricane!
Dig, Plant, Feast!
Digestion and Using Food
Dino Tracks
Dino Treasures
Dinosaur House
Dinosaur Warriors
Dinosaurs Hatched!
Disaster On The 100th Day
Disaster! Tragedies That Gripped the World
Do I Have To . . .
Do You Know the Cucuy?
Do You Really Want to Meet a Pterosaur?
Do You Really Want to Meet Allosaurus?
Do You Really Want to Meet Ankylosaurus?
Do You Really Want to Meet Apatosaurus?
Do You Really Want to Meet Diplodocus?
Do You Really Want to Meet Edmontosaurus?
Do You Really Want to Meet Iguanodon?
Do You Really Want to Meet Spinosaurus?
Do You Really Want to Meet Stegosaurus?
Do You Really Want to Meet Triceratops?
Do You Really Want to Meet Tyrannosaurus Rex?
Do You Really Want to Meet Velociraptor?
Don Quixote
Down the Field 10, 20, 30: A Football Counting by Tens Book
Downhill Skiing
Drag! Friction and Resistance
Duck Pond Fun
Dump Trucks
Dynasties of China
Early Civilizations of the Americas
Early Congresses
Early Explorers
Early Explorers and Settlers
Early Islamic Civilizations and African Kingdoms
Early Presidents & Social Reformers
Earth Day
Earth Is Tilting!
Earth's Changing Surface
Earth's Cycles
Eating and The Digestive System
Edward the Explorer
Eerie Islands
Electricity and Magnetism
Endangered Animals of the Desert
Endangered Animals of the Jungle
Endangered Animals of the Sea
Energy All Around
Energy and Matter in Ecosystems
Energy Transfer and Transformation
Engineering: Feats & Failures
Escape from Pacaya
Esteban de Luna, Baby Rescuer!
Estrellita in the Big City
Estrellita Says Good-bye to Her Island
Eva's Story
Expanding the Nation
Explore Australia: 12 Key Facts
Explore Beijing
Explore Berlin
Explore Brazil: 12 Key Facts
Explore Canada: 12 Key Facts
Explore China: 12 Key Facts
Explore Cuba: 12 Key Facts
Explore Delhi
Explore Dubai
Explore Greece: 12 Key Facts
Explore Iran: 12 Key Facts
Explore London
Explore Mexico City
Explore Mexico: 12 Key Facts
Explore Moscow
Explore New York
Explore Nigeria: 12 Key Facts
Explore North Korea: 12 Key Facts
Explore Paris
Explore Russia: 12 Key Facts
Explore Sydney
Explore the United Kingdom: 12 Key Facts
Explore Tokyo
Explore Toronto
Exploring and Moving to America
Exploring Land and Water
Exploring Light and Sound
Exploring Maps and World Mountains
Exploring The Great Lakes
Exploring The Solar System
Exploring The Territories Of The United States
Exploring the West
Extreme Dinosaur Hunt
Fairy Tales
Fall Holidays
Fall Leaf Color
Fall Sports
Family, Familia
Fantastic Fish
Fearless! Stunt People
Felina's New Home: A Florida Panther Story
Ferdinand Fox's First Summer
Fibonacci Zoo
Fighting Climate Change with Greta Thunberg
Filthy Flies
Final Lap! Go-Kart Racing
Finding Texas
Fire Trucks
Fire, Little Fire
First Fire: A Cherokee Folktale
Fish Stories
Fishes: A Compare and Contrast Book
Flattened by an Earthquake!
Flippers & Fins
Floating and Sinking
Floating Misery! Portuguese Man-of-War Attack
Floods, Dams, and Levees
Flying Lizards Big as Planes
Food: Why We Eat to Refuel
Footprints on the Moon: Poems About Space
Forces and Motion At Work
Forgotten Americans Who Made History
Forgotten History of Everyday Inventions
Fossil Hunters at Work
Fossils and Rocks
Fossils: What Dinosaurs Left Behind
Francisco's Kites
Fred and Me
Frederick Douglass: Leader of the Abolitionist Movement
Frightening Farms
Frightening Fleas
Frilled-Neck Lizard
Frog and His Friends Save Humanity
Frog Log
From Colonies to Independence
From Cow to Cheese
From Flower to Honey
From Garden to Pickle
From Rags to Riches
From Seed to Jam
From the Renaissance to England’s Golden Age
From Vine to Pizza
From Wheat to Bread
Fur & Claws
Fur and Feathers
Garbage Collectors
Garbage Trucks
Garden Spiders
Geography of the Americas
Get Moving
Ghost Prisoners
Global Warming
Golden Retrievers
Goldie Duck and the Three Beavers
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Goodnight, Papito Dios
Goods Or Services?
Gooey Science Experiments
Gopher to the Rescue! A Volcano Recovery Story
Grandma's Chocolate
Grandpa and Me
Grandpa Comes to First Grade
Grandpa Used to Live Alone
Gravity! Do You Feel It?
Great Danes
Great Expectations
Great White Shark
Green Anaconda
Greta Thunberg: Teen Climate Activist
Grin to Fin
Grizzly Bear
Gross Science Experiments
Growing Up Green
Growing Up on the Playground
Growing Up with Tamales
Guinea Pigs
Gulliver's Travels
Gulliver’s Travels
Habitat for Bats
Habitat Spy
Habitats and Changes
Hammerhead Shark
Hand to Earth: Saving the Environment
Hand to Heart: Improving Communities
Hand to Paw: Protecting Animals
Hang Ten! Surfing
Hansel and Gretel
Happy Birthday To Whooo?
Harvesting Friends
Haunted Playgrounds
Haunts and Horrors
Heat Wave Horror!
Helen Keller: A New Vision
Helping Habitats
Henry the Impatient Heron
Henry’s Track and Field Day: The Tortoise and the Hare Remixed
Hermit Crabs
Hey Diddle Diddle
Hill to Quill
Hillary Rodham Clinton: First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State
Hippo or Rhino? A Compare and Contrast Book
History's Conspiracy Theories
History's Forgotten War Stories
History’s Deserted Cities and Places
History’s Forgotten Events
History’s Lost Treasures
History’s Secret Groups
Hit It, Hit It, Hit It: A Fiesta of Numbers
Home In the Cave
Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal
Hoot's On First?
Horror Hospitals
Hosting the Olympic Summer Games
How Do Humans Depend On Earth?
How Do Plants Grow?
How Ecosystems Work
How Many Bites?
How The Moon Regained Her Shape
How to Be a Kitten
How We Communicate
Human Body Systems
Human Cells and Digestion
Human Hormones and Reproduction
Human Respiration and Circulation
Human Senses and Movement
I am Allosaurus
I am Hatzegopteryx (I am Prehistoric series)
I Am René, the Boy
I Am So Beautiful
I Can Prove It!
I Kick the Ball
I Like, I Don't Like
I Look Like My Mother
I See Ants
I See Bees
I See Beetles
I See Butterflies
I See Caterpillars
I See Dragonflies
I See Fireflies
I See Grasshoppers
I See Ladybugs
I See Moths
I See Wasps
I Use A Mouse
I Use Science Tools
I Use Simple Machines
I'll Be a Chef
I'll Be a Doctor
I'll Be a Firefighter
I'll Be a Musician
I'll Be a Paleontologist
I'll Be a Veterinarian
Icy Watermelon
If A Dolphin Were A Fish
If a Mummy Could Talk . . .
If You Were A Parrot
Immigrants To America
Immigration and Citizenship
Immigration For a Better Life
In a Whirl
In Arctic Waters
In My Backyard
In the Game: An Athlete's Life
In the Running with Ntando Mahlangu
Incredible Dinosaur Facts
Independence Day
Independence for Latin America
Indigenous Peoples
Industrial Revolution
Inside Ecosystems and Biomes
Inside the World of Matter
Inventors and Discoveries
Investigating Asteroids
Investigating Forces
Investigating Forces and Motion
Investigating Landforms
Investigating Matter
Investigating Waves
It's Bedtime, Cucuy!
It's Broken!
It's Good Enough to Eat!
Jack and the Beanstalk
James and the Kindergartener: The Lion and the Mouse Remixed
Jane Eyre
Japanese Spider Crab
Jill and the Beanstalk
John F. Kennedy Presidential Inaugural Address
Jolly Jellyfish
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Journeys: Land, Air, Sea
Juan and the Chupacabras
Julie The Rockhound
Jumping Spiders
Just One Itsy Bitsy Little Bite
Just So Stories
Kali's Story: An Orphaned Polar Bear Rescue
Kick, Pass, Score!
Killer Kissing Bugs
Killer Tentacles! Box Jellyfish Attack
King Arthur and the Round Table
King Cobra
Kitty Come Down!
Labor Day
Last Days of the Dinosaurs
Le Morte D'Arthur
Legends of the Afterlife
Lemonade Stand
Les Miserables
Let's Classify Animals!
Let's Classify Organisms
Let's Investigate Light
Let's Salsa
Let's Work Together
Letters From Heaven
Let’s Explore Our World
Level Up
Lewis & Clark
Lewis & Clark
Life and Non-Life in an Ecosystem
Life and the Flow of Energy
Life at the Top
Life Cycles, Traits, and Variations
Life in the Colonies
Life in the Ocean Layers
Liftoff! Space Exploration
Light and Its Effects
Lightning Strike Survivor!
Little Crow to the Rescue
Little Gray's Great Migration
Little Red Bat
Little Skink's Tail
Little Women
Living on Mars
Living Or Nonliving?
Living Things and Nonliving Things
Lizzie Little, the Sky is Falling!
Lizzie's Dream
Look On The Bright Side
Looking at Maps
Looking for Another Earth
Loon Chase
Love Like Salt
Lupita's First Dance
Lupita's Papalote
Maddy's Mad Hair Day
Mae Jemison: Doctor, Scientist, and Astronaut
Magda’s Piñata Magic
Magda’s Tortillas
Maggie, Alaska's Last Elephant
Magna Carta
Magnet Power
Magnetic Magic
Mail Carriers
Making Money Grow
Making of America: Immigration, Industrialization, and Reform
Making the Constitution
Mako Shark
Malala Yousafzai: Champion for Girls' Education
Mammals: A Compare and Contrast Book
Man to Can
Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Marvelous Mammals
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Mary, Anna, and the Little Brother: The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox Remixed
Matter Comes In All Shapes
May I Please?
Maya and Annie on Saturdays and Sundays
Maya Monkey
Maya, Aztec, and Inca Civilizations
Mayanito's New Friends
Mayte and the Bogeyman
Me and My Shadow
Medical Technology and Engineering
Medieval Europe
Meet the Planets
Megan Rapinoe: Soccer Superstar
Meghan Markle: Humanitarian
Melting Matter
Memorial Day
Mia's Chocolate Challenge
Mice to Slice
Midnight Madness at the Zoo
Mighty Micros: Little Things, Big Results
Mimí’s Parranda
Mix It Up! Solution Or Mixture?
Mixtures and Solutions
Moby Dick
Modeling Earth’s Systems
Moldy Science Experiments
Mom's Sweater
Monuments and Memorials
Moonlight Crab Count
Moose and Magpie
Morgan Horses
Mother Fox and Mr. Coyote
Mother Osprey: Nursery Rhymes for Buoys & Gulls
Mountain Lions
Movie Munchies
Moving People, Moving Stuff
Muffler Man
Multiply on the Fly
Murderous Mosquitoes
My Big Sister
My Capital
My Community
My Country
My Even Day
My Flag
My Foot Fell Asleep
My Grandparents and I
My Green Lunch
My Half Day
My Life as a Bee
My Life As A Native American
My Life As A Pioneer
My Life As An Early Settler
My Life As An Immigrant
My Life with ADHD
My Life with Autism
My Life with Blindness
My Life with Deafness
My Life with Down Syndrome
My Life with Dyslexia
My Money
My Neighbors
My Parents: Heroes of the Harvest
My Safe Community
My Shoes and I
My Tata's Guitar
My Wild Cat
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Native Americans
Native Americans and Westward Expansion: Cultures and Conflict
Natural Disasters
Natural Or Man-Made?
Natural or Man-Made? A Compare and Contrast Book
Nature Recycles-How About You?
Near-Death Experiences
Need It Or Want It?
Needles of Pain! Stonefish Attack
Needs of Plants and Animals
Nelson Mandela: Leading the Way
Newton and Me
Night Creepers
No Time for Monsters
Ocean Hide and Seek
Ocean Seasons
Octavia and Her Purple Ink Cloud
Octopus or Squid? A Compare and Contrast Book
Oedipus Rex
Old King Cole
Old McDoggle Had a Zoo
Oliver Twist
Oliver's Otter Phase
Olympic Technology
On a Safari 5, 10, 15: A Counting by Fives Book
On the Move: Mass Migrations
On the Scene: A CSI's Life
Once Upon an Elephant
One Land, Many Cultures
One More Bug: An Insect Addition Book
One Odd Day
One Wolf Howls
Orangutans Build Tree Nests
Organisms and Their Habitats
Otis the Owl
Otters: River or Sea? A Compare and Contrast Book
Ouch! Stitches
Our Five Senses
Our Resources
Our Sun Brings Life
Out of This World
Outside My Window
Pandas' Earthquake Escape
Paradise Lost
Park Rangers
Patrick and Paloma
Patterns Around Us
Patterns in Nature
Paul Bunyan: A Very Tall Tale
Paws, Claws, Hands, and Feet
Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation
Penguins: A Compare and Contrast Book
People who Predict
Pepita Finds Out
Pepita on Pepper Street
Pepita Packs Up
Pepita Takes Time
Pepita Talks Twice
Pepita Thinks Pink
Perfect Fit
Perfect Predators
Peter and His Shadow
Peter Pan
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
Phantom Soldier
Physical: Feats & Failures
Picking Apples
Pickup Trucks
Pieces of Another World
Pine to Swine
Planet Puzzle
Plant Adaptations
Plant and Animal Survival
Plant Life Cycles
Plant Reproduction
Plants As Food, Fuel, and Medicine
Plants Make Their Own Food
Plants Out of Place
Plate Tectonics and Disasters
Play Ball!
Playground Friends
Poison Frogs
Polar Bears and Penguins: A Compare and Contrast Book
Police Officers
Police Officers
Poo in the Forest
Poo in the Jungle
Poo on the Farm
Poo on the Savanna
Pooper Snooper
Pop! Air and Water Pressure
Power On! Life-Changing Technology
Prairie Storms
Presidents' Day
Pride and Prejudice
Primate School
Problem Solving
Processes That Shape Earth
Producers and Consumers
Properties of Matter
Protecting Earth’s Resources
Pug Hug
Pull It, Push It
Pumpkin Patch
Pushes and Pulls
Rabbits Dig Burrows
Race Cars
Rain, Rain Go Away
Ram Jam
Reading Maps
Ready, Set . . . WAIT! What Animals Do Before a Hurricane
Ready, Set, Go!
Ready, Set, Race!
Remembering Grandma
René Has Two Last Names
Renewable or Nonrenewable Resources: A Compare and Contrast Book
Reproduction In Plants
Respecting Diversity
Reticulated Python
Rhinoceros Beetle
Ricardo's Race
Rituals and Traditions
River Beds: Sleeping in the World’s Rivers
River Otter's Adventure
River Rescue
Robin Hood
Robinson Crusoe
Rock Cycle
Romeo and Juliet
Rosie’s Special Gift: The Goose Who Laid the Golden Eggs Remixed
Run, Swim, Fly
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Supreme Court Justice
Safari Camp
Salamander Season
Sarah's Journal
Saturn for my Birthday
Save the Day
Saving Kate's Flowers
Scary Museums
Science Safety Rules
Sea Slime: It's Eeuwy, Gooey and Under the Sea
Sea Slugs
Seb's Train
Seeds, Bees, and Pollen
Sense and Sensibility
Shapes in Our World
Shark Baby
Sharks and Dolphins: A Compare and Contrast Book
Sheep Sleep
Sherlock Holmes
Shh! What's That Sound?
Shih Tzus
Ship Trip
Siberian Huskies
Simple Machines
Sing a Song of Six Pence
Sing, Froggie, Sing
Sip, Slurp, Soup, Soup
Skeletons and Exoskeletons
Skunk Trunk
Slavery in America
Sleep: Why We Rest and Recharge to Refuel
Slimy Science Experiments
Small but Deadly! Blue-Ringed Octopus Attack
Smelly Science Experiments
Snail to Mail
Snake Cake
Snowmen Live Forever
Social Media And The Internet
Sofi and the Magic, Musical Mural
Sofi Paints Her Dreams
Sofia and the Purple Dress
Solar System Forecast
Solid Or Liquid?
Sonia Sotomayor: Supreme Court Justice
Soo Yun's Book
Sort it Out!
Sound Waves and Communication
Sounds of the Savanna
Spaceship Earth
Speak Up!
Splash Down!
Spooky Mansions
Squishy Science Experiments
Stand Up! Fighting For Civil Rights
Stop and Go, Fast and Slow
Straight Talk: Drugs and Alcohol
Straight Talk: Smoking
Straight Talk: The Truth About Food
Strange but True: Bizarre Animals
Strange but True: Gross Anatomy
Strange but True: Tiny Creatures
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Structures and Functions of Living Things
Studying Our Earth, Inside and Out
Studying Weather and Climates
Sun, Moon, and Stars
Sundays on Fourth Street
Super Sharks
Superstars of the Chicago Bears
Superstars of the Dallas Cowboys
Superstars of the Denver Broncos
Superstars of the Green Bay Packers
Superstars of the Houston Texans
Superstars of the Indianapolis Colts
Superstars of the New England Patriots
Superstars of the New York Giants
Superstars of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Superstars of the Seattle Seahawks
Surrender of Germany
Survival! Desert
Survival! Jungle
Survival! Ocean
Surviving in Space
Surviving in Space
Surviving the Cave
Surviving the Desert
Surviving the Ice
Surviving the Jungle
Surviving the Mountain
Surviving the Sea
Surviving the Storm
Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Tanker Trucks
Technology: Feats & Failures
Ten for Me
Terrifying Ticks
Terror in the Tropics
Texas in the 20th Century
Texas Today
Thanks, NASA!
The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Communication Technology
The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Gaming Technology
The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Military Technology
The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Movie Technology
The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Photo Technology
The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Space Technology
The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Sports Technology
The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Video Technology
The 12 Worst Earthquakes of All Time
The 12 Worst Fires of All Time
The 12 Worst Floods of All Time
The 12 Worst Health Disasters of All Time
The 12 Worst Human-Made Disasters of All Time
The 12 Worst Hurricanes of All Time
The 12 Worst Shipwrecks of All Time
The 12 Worst Tornadoes of All Time
The 13 Original Colonies
The Adentures of Huckleberry Finn
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Age of Exploration
The Age of Innocence
The Amazing Facts About Sound
The Amazing Watercolor Fish
The American Revolution
The American Revolution
The Annexation of Texas
The Bake Sale
The Bakery Lady
The Battle of the Snow Cones
The Bears' Story by Baldwin B. Bear
The Bears' Story by Baldwin B. Bear
The Beautiful and Damned
The Beavers' Busy Year
The Best Nest
The Biggest Dinosaurs
The Bike Race
The Boat Race
The Boy Who Touched the Stars
The Bread Book
The Call of the Wild
The Car Race
The Civil War
The Civil War
The Colonization of Texas
The Comedy of Errors
The Constitution
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
The Constitution of the United States
The Crow and the Pitcher
The Cucuy Stole My Cascarones
The Culture of Japan
The Culture of Mexico
The Cutting Edge: Breakthroughs in Technology
The Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence
The Deductive Detective
The Desert Is My Mother
The Divine Comedy
The Earliest Americans
The Earth and The Role of Water
The Emancipation Proclamation
The Empanadas that Abuela Made
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Enlightenment, The French Revolution, and Romanticism
The Exploration of North America
The Forest in the Trees
The Fort on Fourth Street: A Story about the Six Simple Machines
The Four Spheres of Earth
The Geography of the United States
The Gettysburg Address
The Ghost of Donley Farm
The Gift of the Poinsettia
The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights
The Girl in the Mirror
The Glaciers Are Melting!
The Glass Slippers
The Go-Kart Race
The Golden Flower
The Goose with the Golden Eggs
The Great Divide
The Great Gatsby
The Happy Faces Leave Home
The Hare and the Tortoise
The History of Telephones: Fractions
The Hot Air Balloon Race
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Human Calculator
The Hungriest Mouth in the Sea
The Hunter and His Dog
The Iliad
The Iliad and The Odyssey
The Industrial Revolution: Changes and Challenges
The Jungle
The Jungle Book
The Jungle In My Yard
The King Who Loved to Sing
The Land of Lost Things
The Last Doll
The Last of the Mohicans
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Lion and the Mouse
The Little Doctor
The Little Match Girl
The Little Mermaid
The Little Red Hen
The Lizard Lady
The Lonely Penguin's Blog
The Long and Short Tail of Colo and Ruff
The Lucky Litter: Wolf Pups Rescued from Wildfire
The Milky Way: A River of Stars
The Monster Truck Race
The Most Dangerous
The Motorcycle Race
The Mount Rushmore Presidents
The Nervous System
The Night Sky
The Nutrient Cycle
The Odyssey
The Pangolin Revelation
The Party for Papá Luis
The Patchwork Garden
The Penguin Lady
The Perfect Pet
The Phantom of the Opera
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Place Where You Live
The Poe Collection
The Poet Upstairs
The Powerful Ocean
The Presidents
The Princess and the Pea
The Princess on the Pea
The Rainforest Grew All Around
The Red Badge of Courage
The Red Shoes
The Remembering Day
The Road to Rice
The Rock Cycle
The Rowdy, Rowdy Ranch
The Runaway Piggy
The Scarlet Letter
The Science of Cancer
The Scoop About Measuring Matter
The Search for Salt
The Shape Family Babies
The Shredder! Shark Attack
The Snake's Diary by Little Yellow
The Spanish In Early America
The Sparrow and the Trees
The Story Circle
The Story of Aladdin
The Story of Fossil Fuels
The Story of Sugar
The Stranger and the Red Rooster
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Tale of Tea
The Taming of the Shrew
The Tempest
The Texas Revolution
The Thirteen Colonies
The Three Billy Goats and Gruff
The Three Blind Mice Start a Band
The Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Recyclers
The Time Machine
The Tongue Twister Tournament
The Tortoise and the Hare
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
The Tractor Race
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
The Treasure Hunt
The Tree Fort
The Tree That Bear Climbed
The Triple Banana Split Boy
The Trouble With Trading
The Ugly Duckling
The Ugly Duckling
The United States Constitution
The Untold Story of Ms. Mirabella
The Velveteen Rabbit
The Vikings
The War of 1812
The War of 1812
The White House
The Wonderful Water Cycle
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The Woodcutter's Gift
There Was an Old Woman
These Hands: My Family's Hands
They Just Know: Animal Instincts
This Is My Story by Frederick G. Frog
This Is My Story by Frederick G. Frog
This Is the Tower that Frank Built
This Land is Your Land
Thoroughbred Horses
Three Little Beavers
Three World Religions
Three-Toed Sloth
Tiger Shark
Tina and The Scarecrow Skins
To Market, To Market
Tom Sawyer
Too Much Noise!
Too Much TV
Tornado Tamer
Tornado Terror!
Tortoise and Hare's Amazing Race
Tow Trucks
Track and Field
Transferring Energy
Trapdoor Spiders
Treasure Island
Treasure Island
Trees: A Compare and Contrast Book
Trees: Earth's Lungs
Truck Drivers
Tudley Didn't Know
Tuktuk: Tundra Tale
Turtle Summer: A Journal for my Daughter
Turtles In My Sandbox
Turtles: A Compare and Contrast Book
Twas the Day Before Zoo Day
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. National Guard
U.S. Navy
Uncle Chente's Picnic
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Unforgettable Catastrophes
Unforgettable Natural Disasters
Unforgettable News Reports
Unsolved! History's Mysteries
Unsolved! Mysterious Events
Unsolved! Mysterious Places
Unsung Heroes of the Super Bowl
Urban Legends: Close Encounters
Urban Legends: Creatures
Urban Legends: Hauntings
Urban Legends: Superstitions
Using Natural Resources for Energy
Using Tools To Understand Our World
Valentine's Day
Veterans Day
Vivian and the Legend of the Hoodoos
Vote for me!
Vroom! Speed and Acceleration
Vroom, Vroom! Poems About Things with Wheels
Waiting for Papa
Wandering Woolly
War, Cattle, and Cowboys
Warmth: Why We Stay Warm to Refuel
Watch a Banana Grow
Watch a Bean Grow
Watch a Pineapple Grow
Watch a Pumpkin Grow
Watch a Strawberry Grow
Watch an Apple Grow
Watch an Oak Tree Grow
Watch an Orange Grow
Watch Me Dance
Water Beds: Sleeping In the Ocean
Water Spiders
Water World
Water, Little Water
Water: Why We Drink to Refuel
Way Back When
We Are Cousins
We Are Here
Weather and Climate
Weather Patterns
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Westward Expansion Before the Civil War
Whale Shark
What a Scientist Sees
What Are The Branches of Democracy?
What Are The US Regions?
What Can You See?
What Do Critters Do In The Winter?
What Is A Nation?
What Is It Made Of?
What It Takes to Be a Pro Baseball Player
What It Takes to Be a Pro Basketball Player
What It Takes to Be a Pro Football Player
What It Takes to Be a Pro Hockey Player
What It Takes to Be a Pro Lacrosse Player
What It Takes to Be a Pro Soccer Player
What the Evidence Shows
What to the Slave is the Fourth of July
What's An Election?
What's for Dinner?
What's My Role?
What's On The Food Chain Menu?
What's The Weather Like Today?
What's the Weather? A What or Why Book
What’s New at the Zoo?
What’s the Difference? An Endangered Animal Subtraction Story
When a Wolf is Hungary
When Birds Had Teeth
When I Grow Up
When Julia Danced Bomba
Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?
Where Did The Water Go?
Where Does Garbage Go?
Where Does Mail Go?
Where Does Recycling Go?
Where Does Water Go?
Where Does Your Money Go?
Where Should Turtle Be?
Which Animal is Fastest?
Whistling Wings
Who Do I Look Like?
Who Took the Snacks?
Whodunnit: Forensics
Whodunnit: Heists
Whodunnit: Law Enforcement
Whodunnit: Organized Crime
Whose House?
Why Anansi Has Eight Thin Legs: A Tale from West Africa
Why Plants Become Extinct
Wild Cities
Wild Work! Animal Trainers
Wildlife Conservation with Robert Irwin
Wings & Beaks
Wolf Spiders
Wonderful Whales
Working in Space
World Deserts
World Lakes
World Rivers
World War I
World War II
Wretched Worms
Wuthering Heights
Yara Shahidi: Actor and Social Activist
Yay for Big Brothers!
Yodel the Yearling
Yorkshire Terriers
You Can Be Helpful: Step Aside or Pitch In?
You Can Be Polite: Be Rude or Use Tact?
You Can Persevere: Quit or Keep Going?
You Can Use Money Wisely: Spend or Save?
Your Family Tree
Your Guide to Superheroes
Zap! It's Electricity!
Zendaya: Actor and Singer
Zoo Hullabaloo
Zulema and the Witch Owl
¡A bailar! Let's Dance!

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